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WATO is a Bulgarian manufacturer of valves and fittings aimed towards the water and waste water industries, which operates on the global market mainly in Europe, Middle East and Asia. In addition to our product portfolio we offer a wide variety of water management services. We provide simple and practical solutions that increase the efficiency of water supply systems on all levels, from the water carrier to the final consumer. Wato combines services, products and know-how in a single goal: to maximize the reliability and the performance of water networks. Our mission is to develop sustainable water systems. Our products and services make water management easy and efficient.

Quality, environment and safety policy (PDF)

The main activities in the production of WATO are:

Development of new and optimization of existing products
In the company's testing and development activities is used SolidWorks mechanical engineering software, with a complete set of tools for 3D design, research, data management and communication.
Machining (drilling, turning, threading, milling)
Various types of metal cutting machines are used for the various machining operations of the parts - straightening machines, drilling machines, universal and program lathes and milling machines.
Application of varnish-paint coatings (cold painting)
The coatings are applied by hand or using a pneumatic gun.
Applying epoxy powder coating (hot painting)
For high quality coatings, metal parts for painting are pre-shot blasted. The technology utilizes a fluidized bath to immerse the parts after preheating. This method of applying the coating is much more efficient and quality compared to electrostatic painting with a gun.
Application of rubber coatings (gumming) and production of rubber gaskets
WATO's Vulcanizing Press ПХВ-60 has a 1000x1000mm heating plate size.
Manufacture of plastic parts
The new high-performance injection molding machine HAITIAN MA4700 II has a maximum injection volume of 1860 cm3 (1,693 kg polystyrene).
Installation process
Manual process using high performance equipment and control devices.
Hydromechanical tests of finished products
Each stopcock is hydraulically tested with specialized hydraulic stands. Maximum torque (МОТ) and minimum torque (mST) control is performed using torque wrenches.
Packaging, storage and shipping
The ready-to-ship production is packaged on europallets with ECOSPIR ELC / AX packing machine.
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Additional activities in the production:

  • Workpiece machining of parts by drawing or sample of the client.
  • Production of threaded rods and parts with external threaded section by forming the thread of a threaded machine. Machined diameter from 4mm to 250mm. Thread types: metric, inch, trapezoidal with maximum thread pitch of 8mm. Forming force - from 10 to 600 kN (60t).
  • Production of plastic parts with or without the tool from the customer. Spray machine characteristics: Maximum injection volume - 1860 cm3 (1,693 kg polystyrene). Locking force - 4700 kN (470t). Intercooler spacing - 820x800mm and size of the heating plates 820х800mm. Instrument height - 320mm.
  • Application of rubber coatings on metal products. Manufacture of rubber seals up to 900x900x250mm.

WATO Machine Park::

The Wato Machine Park also features: Machine for Shot blasting; Furnaces for tempering metal products up to 250 ° C; Fluidized epoxy powder coating baths; Band saw machine Fervi 0255; Desk drilling machine OPTIMUM B23 Pro; Column drilling machine BK 32; Universal lathe C11 MT.

wato image of machine Plastic moulding machine

Plastic moulding machine Haitian MA4700

wato image of machine Hydraulic rubber press

Hydraulic rubber press PHV-60

wato image of machine Thread rolling machine

Thread rolling machine Govama HK60

wato image of machine CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe Goodway GLS 150M

wato image of machine Butterfly test bench

Butterfly test bench

wato image of machine Service valve test bench

Service valve test bench

wato image of machine Gate valves test bench

Gate valves test bench

wato image of machine Control valves setting bench

Control valves setting bench

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